How to sell at auction?


If you are looking to sell your antique items at auction you will need to meet the following criteria to enter into an auction:

Must have a minimum consignment level of $1000 auction value

All items are antiques, collectable, no damage and good order

All items need to be accepted by our valuer images can be sent to [email protected] room shots or just an image of your 5 best items – please indicate briefly in a message if you have more items.

Home visits are booked when a full home or large estate needs viewing and you are ready to sell at auction.

Otherwise please call the office Monday-Friday 9.30-4pm to speak with staff who can further assist your enquiry.

We hold monthly auctions and delivery dates and further information will be sent to you once we have viewed your items, our commission is 22% with a once off $5 handling fee all services are plus GST.  Carriers can also be arranged who are independent to us but we can recommend to move your items safely.   We also offer a packing service should you require a large home or estate to be sorted and packed ready for auction – all of these services can be further discussed and booked with our team. Print Catalog Print Catalog