Forthcoming Auction Dates and Terms


We will be holding regular monthly auctions in 2020 along with our on-site house clearances and private collections, you can register at the website to receive an email notice prior to any auction or contact our office 9 443 5367 for further details.


If you are looking to sell items, images can be sent to [email protected] we are able to take some items from 5th February however these will be held until preparation for our April auction which is the next available auction for public.  The March auction is already booked with a private collection.   Otherwise, the following delivery dates will be from 5th March for approx 8 days for the April auction.   We have a minimum consignment of $1000 value to enter into auction, all items must be clean, antique and no damage or part sets, we do need to see all items prior to being accepted to auction and all items are sold as best we can to the market prices.   Jewellery with certificates and artworks with certificates along with rare or unusual items are the only items that are now accepted with potential for a reserve price, this is discussed with Mat Donelly.

Further information can be obtained from an email enquiry or calling our office Monday-Friday 9.30-4pm 9 443 5367. Print Catalog Print Catalog