Antique & Collectors 13 September 2020




Sunday 13th September 2020

Items will be accepted with approval from Thursday 13th August until Friday 21st August (please be aware we may fill up quickly so end date can be bought forward to Wednesday 19th August).  To make sure your items do enter this next auction please prepare to deliver or have delivered to us before Wednesday 19th August, office is open Monday-Friday 9.30-4 pm for deliveries.

If you are looking to sell your antique or collectors items or are not sure if you have a minimum consignment level to enter into auction ($1000 in minimum value) you can email details and 5 of your best items to [email protected] Mat Donelly will view and then provide information on price guides and if we can take to auction for you.   Please be aware we do not accept broken or damaged items, must be clean and ready to photograph, no prints only original artwork.

As we work a month in advance some items we look at in the next few weeks will potentially be ready for the October auction, we also can organize home viewing only if a full home, deceased estate or large private collection.   If you feel you qualify for this service contact our office 9 443 5367 or Mat Donelly directly 040 888 1722.

We are open to the public weekdays only and during drop off times.    If you intend to show items to Mat Donelly on a device please contact the office or Mat directly to ensure he will be available.   The only other times our office is open to the public is the scheduled times prior to an auction in the public viewing.

Donelly’s Online – we are now 100% only an online auction you can view forthcoming auctions at the tab ONLINE AUCTIONS this is also a great way to watch what items are selling for and obtain your own indication of items that you may have to what market values are at the moment.    Further information can always be obtained by email, office or directly to Mat Donelly or Nancy Blaasch 0417 066 668. Print Catalog Print Catalog