3rd February 2019 Antique Auction


Sunday 3rd February 2019

Antique & Collectors Auction

We have already started gathering our items for this auction to kick off the New Year, some 300 lots currently available but will fill up quickly.  If you are interested and can meet our auction requirements please get in touch with our office:

  • Minimum consignment level $1000.00 at auction prices
  • Working order, clean and good condition antique or collectors items
  • All consignments must be checked and approved prior to entry into auctions
  • All items are sold as best we can to the market prices, reserves are only accepted on valuation certified jewellery or high end artworks, rare or unusual items
  • Email group images to [email protected]
  • Phone the office 9 443 5367 to discuss items or book viewing appointment with Mat Donelly via photos/iPad images at our office
  • House calls need to be full house and these need to be booked with Mat Donelly fees apply

Our auctions are always well received and fill up very quickly we aim to conduct a monthly antique and collectors auction throughout the year, Mat Donelly will view potential on-site house clearances and these can be scheduled around our monthly auctions, if you are unsure we are happy to discuss all aspects of how we work our office is open 10am-4pm Monday-Friday (please check Holiday break times).

https://www.donellyauctions.com.au/wp-content/themes/titan/html2pdf/generate.php/?auction_id=51830&auction_cat=##auction_cat##&noimage=##image## Print Catalog
https://www.donellyauctions.com.au/wp-content/themes/titan/html2pdf/generate.php/?auction_id=51830&auction_cat=##auction_cat##&noimage=##image##&auction_name=##auction_name## Print Catalog